Team Registration

Thank you for your interest in bringing a team to participate in the 3M Half Marathon! Below are the steps to sign up as a Team Captain and set up team registration.

If the Team Captain chooses group packet pick up, the deadline for registrants to be included is the end of the day on January 6. Any team members that join the team after this date will not be included in group packet pick up. They must pick up their own race packets at the expo

Team Perks

All Teams

  • Team Management system, to make sure that everyone is registered.
  • Team Name printed on bib below the display name.
  • Option to request that the Team Captain pick up all eligible team packets at one time.

Teams of 35 or more

  • Option to pay in bulk for teams of 35 or more.
  • Optional advanced packet on Wednesday before the race for teams of 35 persons or more if the team captain selects group packet pick up. All bibs, bags, and shirts will be boxed for easy pick up by the team captain.


1 ) Click to register as the Team Captain.

2) Complete the registration and choose a Team Name. You will have until team registration deadline to change the Team Name, in case you come up with something cooler.

3) Set your invite status. Read below to learn more about the different options:

      •  Public – Anyone can join your team in the Select Team drop list on the registration page.
      • Anyone with Link – Anyone who has been sent a copy of the invitation link can register for your team. There is no limit to the number of people who can sign up for your team.
      • Invite Only– Each invitation you send out is good for one registration per email address. People who share email addresses will not be able to register using the same email as the invitation will fail once an email has been used to register.

4) Select a packet pick up option. It is the responsibility of the team captain to communicate with the team members if you choose to opt-in for group packet pick up. Public Teams are encouraged to choose individual packet pick up.

        • Individual – Team Members will pick up their own packets at the Expo. Their bib will be at the kiosk assigned to their bib number.
        • Group – The team captain will pick up the team packets and distribute to Team Members. This will include everyone that joined the team on or before January 6. Anyone that joins a team after this date must pick up their own packet at the expo.You will not be able to pick and choose which members you pick up for. If this pick up option is selected, it is the responsibility of the Team Captain to communicate to team members that they are picking up and distributing all of the packets and arranging a way to get the packets to the appropriate team members.

5) Submit your team.

6) Are you participating in the event? Then, after you register for the race, you will need to link your registration to the team.

    1. Login to
    2. Find your Team Captain registration and select “Edit Registration”.
      • If your team is public, select the name from the drop down menu and “Save” the changes.
      • If the team is private, enter your email to invite yourself to the team.
      • Return to your main login screen and at the top you will see a box with an invitation to join the team.
    3. Return to your team management screen and you should see that you are now on the team!

Not registered yet? Follow the steps as if you were inviting a team member and register.

Bulk Payment
The Bulk Payment Agreement is available to set up a single payment option to cover the expense of multiple registration fees for ten or more registrants. It cannot be used for fewer than ten registrations.

Questions? Contact