Two runners cross the 2020 3M Half Marathon finish line with their arms raised in the air and big smiles on their faces. Text on design reads Vary Your Running Routine for Better Results. Read more at

Vary Your Running Routine for Better Results

Switch things up and see improvement when you vary your running routine Everything can feel out of balance when you initially vary your running routine. Have you added new workouts? Are you getting up earlier than normal? Is your distance progressively…
Runners opens her arms wide and smiles for the camera during 3M Half Marathon. Text on design reads 6 Beneficial Exercises Runners Can Do Anywhere. Read more at

6 Beneficial Exercises Runners Can Do Anywhere

Runners can complete these 6 beneficial exercises anytime, anywhere More and more people are joining the running community. People are attracted by running's simplicity and numerous health benefits. The best part is, you don’t need fancy…
Female runner triumphantly crosses the 3M Half Marathon with her arms raised in the air. Text on design reads 5 Ways to Inspire Yourself. Read more at

Inspire Yourself and Keep Chasing Your Running Goals

5 tips to inspire yourself, boost your motivation, and become a better runner Let's face it, there are days when you don’t want to wake up at the crack of dawn for a run. Similarly, no one really wants to leave work, get home, and head out…
Female runner leans on the fence at the 3M Half Marathon finish line. Text on design reads Runner Burnout: Indicators and Recovery Advice. Learn more at

Runner Burnout: Indicators and Recovery Advice

How to identify runner burnout and advice on how to handle it When you run, you feel free and can escape to your happy place. All runners can relate to the sheer joy that running brings anytime, anywhere. It is a great opportunity to prepare…
Women stretches her arms in bed after a full night of sleep. Text on design reads Become a Better Runner with the Right Amount of Sleep. Learn more at

How the Right Amount of Sleep Can Make You a Better Runner

Understand how the right amount of sleep can help you become a better runner Sleep is a necessary part of your body's recovery process. If you enjoy long-distance running, building up your endurance, and becoming healthier, then the right amount…
Wooden spoon holds Epsom salt over a bath tub of water. Text on design reads Recover Faster with Epsom Salt Baths. Learn more at

Add Epsom Salt Baths to Your Recovery Plan

Learn how you can recover faster with Epsom salt baths Epsom salt baths have relieved pain and reduced muscle soreness for centuries. You should add them to your recovery plan if you run on a regular basis and still feel sore after stretching…
Runner knows what to wear and is dressed in layers while running in the rain. Text on design reads Learn How to Dress for Your Run Based on the Weather. Read more at

What to Wear on Your Run Based on the Temperature

Be prepared for any weather on your next run when you know what to wear Knowing what to wear can keep you running in the hottest days of summer and the coldest days of winter. If you aren't dressed properly you could experience discomfort while…
Female runner crosses the 3M Half Marathon with her arms raised triumphantly in the air. Text on design reads How to Set Training Goals. Learn more at

Learn to Set Training Goals That’ll Propel You to the Finish Line

Properly set training goals for a successful training experience Running is a proven way to boost your health, improve focus, find motivation, and build discipline. As a new runner, you probably already have some goals in mind. Maybe you want…
Male runner runs in the morning as the sun rises above the tree line. Text on design reads Quotes to Get You Motivated in the Morning. Read more at

15 Quotes to Get You Motivated in the Morning

Get motivated in the morning to crush your run or workout What do runners around the world share? A passion for running. There is an inherent motivation for the sport that runs deep within every runner. You’ve seen this passion in your friends…