Keep things moving with these 3 holiday training tips

The chances of your 3M Half Marathon training plan going out of the window increase during the holidays. Maybe your family will visit and overrun your house. Perhaps you’ll travel this year and won’t have access to all of your gear and normal routes. Either way, there’s going to be food! Don’t let these factors interfere with your training. Focus on the task at hand and remember your ultimate goal: the 3M Half Marathon finish line. Follow these holiday training tips and keep your training momentum rolling strong.

Start early

This is often the quietest and most relaxing time of the day during the holidays. This is true if you’re traveling or people are visiting you. You don’t have to entertain and responsibilities are fewer. Also, you’re not stuffed from eating delicious food… yet! Take this time for yourself and knock out your training run early. It’s the best way to begin your day. Plus, you can eat more to replace the calories you burn. Pro tip: don’t forget to foam roll!

Invite someone to join you

We’re big believers in accountability. You might not have your normal running partner or group to hold you to account. So ask another friend or family member to join you. The cool thing about this is they don’t have to go as far as you’re going. They can if they want to, but the important thing is that they start with you. Getting out of bed is often the hardest part of a long run. Hold each other accountable. Chances increase that you’ll complete your workout once you get started whether they’re with you the entire time or not.

Prepare ahead of time

This is a big one especially if you’re traveling or “giving up your room” to incoming family. Following your routine as much as possible makes it more likely that you’ll make your training run. If your normal routine is altered, do all you can to make it as normal as possible. Make sure you have all your gear, a rain jacket, nutrition/hydration, and of course your shoes. Take a second pair of shoes in case the others get wet. That way you can train in the rain! Pro tip: if traveling, research routes you can (like trails) and locate the local track.

Training during the holidays isn’t impossible, just a little harder. Runners are creatures of habit who don’t like change, especially during training. These holiday training tips will keep your training on track while still enjoying time with friends and family. Plus, this is the perfect excuse to replace all the calories you’ll burn! Do you have a holiday training tip that keeps you on schedule? Let us know what it is on Facebook or Twitter.

12-week half marathon training plan to get you ready for 3M Half Marathon

Professional triathlete and coach Paul “Barny” Matthews built a 12-week half marathon training plan to get you ready for the 2020 3M Half Marathon on January 19th! Whether you want to set a new PR or just cross the finish line, download this half marathon training plan and toe the start line with confidence. Training begins Sunday, Oct. 27th, and takes you all the way to the start line.

Train with a pro

Matthews is a world-class triathlete, winning or placing at numerous IRONMANs and 70.3s. He broke onto the triathlon scene at the 2014 IRONMAN Asia Pacific Championship in Melbourne. The native Australian finished second in his home country with a time of 8:02:14. He ran the marathon portion of the triathlon (final portion) in 2:44:09! During the marathon, he averaged 6:26 min/mile after swimming 2.4 miles and cycling 112 miles! His coaching style provides athletes with a blend of training knowledge he’s learned first-hand. Matthews also includes lessons he’s been taught from other world-class runners and triathletes.

This downloadable plan is geared for runners who want to complete their first half marathon or set a new PR. You can customize this training plan yourself by adjusting the specific workouts and their days to fit your busy life.

Pro tip: when you have a rest day, take it!

Take your training to the next level and contact Matthews today for personalized coaching. Make sure you ask for his special 3M Half Marathon coaching rate! Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see where he’s training and join him for a workout.

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