Check out the shows your fellow runners say you have to watch

We needed some new show recommendations. So we turned to the experts. A few weeks ago we asked our Facebook friends what show they most recently binge-watched. We had already watched some of the recommended shows (hello Tiger King!), but some we hadn’t. Of course, we added them to our Watch List! If you’re plowing through shows when you’re on the treadmill or indoor bike, refill your queue with these show recommendations from your fellow runners. We even categorized them for you based on the responses. Pro tip: watching shows is also a great distraction when stretching and foam rolling!

Most recommended show

Screenshot of 3M Half Marathon Facebook post asking for binge-worthy shows from your fellow runners.Ozark – Netflix released Season 3 in late March. Fans of the first two seasons quickly gobbled up the next installment (us included). Ozark follows the Byrdes, a family in deep with a cartel. The twists and turns of their life quickly “normalize” what they’re doing. Season 3 sees the family try to legitimize what they’re doing, but they quickly find it’s not that easy to break up with a cartel. Recommended by: Pat Serafine, Melissa Ruano, Charles Woods.

Show that never gets old

The Office – Need a quick laugh? Turn on an episode of The Office. Want to respond on social media using something funny? Search for a GIF of The Office. The dynamics and shenanigans of this show are what make it hilarious. Need a challenge? Start from Episode 1! Who knows, you just might start a beet farm by the final episode. Recommended by: Elo Mascorro.

Scariest recommended show

The Outsider – You know a TV show will be scary when the story is taken from a Stephen King novel. Open your mind and try to follow the investigation of a supernatural being who makes duplicates of others and commits heinous acts. Recommended by: Carol Schumm, Brenda Miller Atchley.

Yeah, Tiger King

Tiger King – It’s a near certainty that those who have watched Tiger King far outweigh those who haven’t watched. The slow-motion trainwreck follows some unbelievable, real-life characters who breed big cats and exploit those willing to pay money to see them. Recommended by: Andrea Albrecht, Jared Chism, Nina Johnson Janise,

Funniest show (that we’ve seen)

Schitt’s Creek – This show is full of six seasons of hilarity. The Roses, a wealthy family, buy a small town called Schitt’s Creek as a joke. Now they’re completely broke and find themselves having to live in the town. The show has some touching moments, but get ready to laugh so much you can consider watching this show a core workout. Recommended by: Travis Kasper.

Shows we added to our queue

Looking for more shows to add to your Watch List? Make sure you visit this Facebook post and check out what your fellow runners recommended.

Thanks for all the submissions! These show recommendations from your fellow runners should keep you busy for a while. Now you just have to choose what show you watch first! Have you watched something new that we need to add to our Watch List? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

We’ve compiled everything you need to make the most out of race weekend

2020 is here and that means it’s race month for the 2020 3M Half Marathon presented by Under Armour! We’re just as pumped for Year 26 as you are to chase your 13.1-mile PR. There has been a ton of information shared since we celebrated our 25th anniversary. We put this blog together to provide you with everything you need to make 3M Half Marathon race weekend the most memorable one yet! Check it out and RSVP to the Facebook event to receive the latest details.

13.1 reasons

Image of the men's and women's Under Armour 2020 3M Half Marathon participant shirts. This blog has everything you need to get ready for the 2020 3M Half Marathon!

Don’t miss out on these custom Under Armour shirts!

Runners constantly tell us why they love 3M Half Marathon. We took the 13.1 most common reasons and put them in this blog. The reasons listed are in no particular order!

Commemorative medals and shirts

Every year we take the design of the commemorative spinner finisher medal and Under Armour participants shirt and crank it up a notch. The 2020 editions are no different! We can’t wait to see the streets of Austin filled with runners in these custom UA shirts. And we’re just as pumped to place the 2020 spinner finisher medal around your neck once you cross the finish line!

Image of runner showcasing the 2020 3M Half Marathon finisher medal. This blog has everything you need to get ready for the 2020 3M Half Marathon!

Your 3M Half Marathon finisher medal!

Our favorite on-course spots

It doesn’t matter if you live in Austin, a different state, or another country, you can still check out some of our favorite places along the 13.1-mile course. There were so many places that we had to break the course into two different blog posts. Check out our favorite spots along Miles 1-6 and Miles 7-13.1. Pro tip: this applies to spectators too!

Event weekend

Expo – This is where you can get all the goodies, including the world-famous swag bag filled with 3M products! Make sure you visit Fleet Feet Austin and scoop up your limited-edition 3M Half Marathon gear.
Hotels – Stay near the start line or the finish line, it’s up to you. There’s still time to book with Hilton, our Official Hotel Partner.
Course – our point-to-point, USATF-certified course is 13.1 miles, we double-checked!

Image of two runners celebrating at the Oskar Blues Austin beer garden at the 2019 3M Half Marathon finish line festival. This blog has everything you need to get ready for the 2020 3M Half Marathon!

Celebrate with friends and family at the Oskar Blues Austin beer garden!

Finish line festival – Once you cross the finish line the real party begins. Find your friends and family and check it all out. Visit the Oskar Blues Austin beer garden (21 and older), grab something from a food truck, take selfies with the finish line, or enjoy the music! Pro tip: free shuttles will take you to the start after the event only.

Good tunes

Good tunes can make a huge difference! If you’ve followed us on Twitter then you know about our #WeLiketheSoundofThat playlist on Spotify. Check out our November and December additions to the playlist. Put it on shuffle or use the songs to make your own playlist!

Share on social media

Image of a 3M Half Marathon Ambassador taking a photo of two runners at the 2019 3M Half Marathon expo. This blog has everything you need to get ready for the 2020 3M Half Marathon!

Take a pic, share it with us on social media!

If you don’t post it to social media did it really happen? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Tag us when you share your race-day memories. We can’t wait to check them out!

Virtual 3M Half

What’s that? Can’t make it to Austin? Don’t sweat it. You can still join us from wherever you are! Check out all the benefits of the Virtual 3M Half Marathon, including the aforementioned world-famous swag bag filled with 3M products.

Foam rolling 101

Don’t forget to foam roll after you’ve crossed the finish line and celebrated with friends and family. Check out the foam rolling benefits and make sure you recover in time for the Ascension Seton Austin Marathon.

Now you’re caught up and have everything you need to make 3M Half Marathon weekend epic. Share this with your friends and family when y’all start planning event weekend. If you have questions just let us know on social media. Don’t forget to RSVP to the Facebook event to receive the latest details. See y’all soon!