Woman stretches her arms out while sitting at a desk in front of her computer. Text in design reads Stretches for Runners Who Sit All Day. Learn more at https://downhilltodowntown.com/stretches-for-runners-who-sit-all-day/

Stretches for Runners Who Sit All Day

If you’re at a desk all day, these stretches for runners will keep the blood flowing For people who love to be active, a desk job can be disadvantageous. Not only does it limit your active time, but also creates muscle stiffness and lethargy.…
Runners pumps his fist in the air during the 3M Half Marathon. Text on design reads Hilarious Running Memes That'll Brighten Your Day. Read more at https://downhilltodowntown.com/running-memes/

Hilarious Running Memes That’ll Brighten Your Day

Runners love running. But sometimes running doesn’t always love runners back. It’s important to remember why we run and be grateful that we can. A good laugh can also help, especially when one of the running memes below hits close to home!…
Two female runners cross the 2020 3M Half Marathon finish line with their hands raised in the air. Text in design reads 12 Tips to Make Running Easier. Learn more at https://downhilltodowntown.com/make-running-easier/

Make Running Easier When You Follow these 12 Tips

12 tips that could make running easier Would you like to improve running? Are factors like motivation, stamina, and ability holding you back? Did you know jogging or running on a regular basis can reduce your chances of acquiring diseases like…
Female runner shows the peace sign with her right hand during the 2020 3M Half Marathon. Text on design reads Increase Your Speed with these 7 Tips. Learn more at https://downhilltodowntown.com/increase-your-speed/

Increase Your Speed with these 7 Tips

These tips can help you increase your speed as a runner Whether you're a first-time runner or not, you will eventually want to increase your speed. This is the best way to set new PRs! You’ll have to put in the work though. It takes hard…
Female runner running towards the camera. Text in design reads Long Run Recovery. Blog posts highlights a long run recovery timeline. Learn more at https://downhilltodowntown.com/long-run-recovery-timeline/

Follow this Helpful Long-Run Recovery Timeline

Recover faster with our 6-step long-run recovery timeline Your 3M Half Marathon training plan will include long runs which will progressively increase over time. They’re the core to building the endurance needed to achieve your goals. Just…
Runner stretches his legs next to a rail before his run. Text in design reads How to Effectively Warm Up Before You Run. Learn more at https://downhilltodowntown.com/effectively-warm-up/

How to Effectively Warm-Up Before You Run

Don’t begin your next run until you learn how to effectively warm-up Going out on a run can be risky if you haven't effectively warmed up. Warming up has a crucial role to play in how well your body will perform during your run. If you don't…
Three female runners excitedly cross the 2020 3M Half Marathon finish line while holding their hands in the air. Selecting the right running shoes for you will help you reach the finish line. Read more at https://downhilltodowntown.com/right-running-shoes-for-you/

How to Pick the Right Running Shoes for You

The perfect running shoes can make all the difference Ensuring you have the right running shoes for you is vital to your training. The right running shoe can help prevent injuries and ensure that your training remains on track. The wrong shoes…
Female runner smiles as she crosses the 2020 3M Half Marathon finish line. Text on design reads Easy Ways to Transition from Walking to Running. Learn more at https://downhilltodowntown.com/transition-from-walking-to-running/

Easy Ways You Can Transition From Walking to Running

Taking the next step: how to transition from walking to running If you’re a casual walker looking to intensify your exercise, you should give running a try. It can burn more calories, strengthen your heart, and lower your cholesterol levels.…
Drone image of hundreds of runners crossing the 2020 3M Half Marathon finish line. Design features text that reads September Running Playlist, 3M Half Marathon's newest monthly playlist for runners.

2020 September Running Playlist: Your PR-Chasing Soundtrack

The 2020 September running playlist is the anthem you need to chase your 13.1-mile PR We’ve got more tunes for you because Austin is The Live Music Capital of the World. We’re sharing our favorite tunes with you every month so you can train…