May Running Gear Round-Up

Here is a list of what we are excited about right now with running gear, clothing, and recovery.

While Running

The SPIbelt Flex

This newest addition to the SPIbelt line is awesome. It buckles in the front so that switching between cardio and core work is a breeze. Plus, there is a dedicated headphone slot to make listening to music easier than ever.

AfterShokz Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

These headphones deliver music through your cheekbones, ensuring your ears remain completely open to ambient sounds for maximum situational awareness. And with a battery life of over six hours, you can “zone” out a little more on your long runs and still be safe.


Fun Graphic Tanks

It is important to remember to enjoy life and not burn out on running. These fun graphic tanks will keep you smiling for miles and may even make an another runner’s day.



Under Armour run shorts

These shorts are lightweight and breathable, perfect for when the temperature is rising. Plus there are lots of colors to choose from.



Don’t judge them by their looks. These sandals soothe and reinvigorate your feet after a workout, so you’ll be ready to do it again tomorrow

TriggerPoint GRID VIBE

The vibration setting on this new powered GRID is clinically proven to induce muscle relaxation and minimize pain while rolling. This is some next level recovery and the smaller size is perfect for getting into spots like the ITband.