Gilbert’s Gazelles

Gilbert Tuhabonye, former NCAA All-American, brings his successful running career, award-winning proven training methods and inspirational life experiences to offer one-of-a-kind coaching and personal motivation to all levels of runners. Through individual attention and group training, Gilbert combines the joy of running, a love for life and state-of-the-art coaching techniques in an educational and inspiring format that has grown into one of the most popular training programs in Texas.

Gilbert’s Gazelles training programs are designed to match your abilities, experience and goals with the training plan that’s right for you. In the 3M Half Marathon training program, you will learn proper running form, breathing techniques, training tips, and how to keep your body injury-free in an exciting and motivating environment. Gilbert, and his team of assistants, will be to help you to become a better runner and to achieve your half marathon goal!

Contact Hannah Lewis at for more information and to start your 3M Half Marathon training with Gilbert’s Gazelles!