Now that you’ve created a team you can log-in to manage it.

Signing In

Everyone who signs up for an event has an account on To access your account
the first time you’ll need to set up a password.
1. Go to and choose Set Up.
2. Enter the email address you used to sign up for the event and click Create Account.
3. will send you an email with a temporary password.
4. Use the password to log in. To change your password click on the Accounts menu item and choose Edit Profile.

Once you are logged in you will see a blue Manage Team button. Click here to see your settings, invite team members, export your team members for messaging and adjust your team privacy.

Invite Team Members

Public – Your team shows up in the drop-down so team members can follow the standard registration link to sign up for your team.

For Anyone with link: Copy and paste the email links provided on the team management page and share. ANYONE who clicks the link will see you team listed when they go to register.

Invite Only- Enter a list of comma-separated email addresses in the first box and an optional message to be sent to potential team members you want to invite.

How To Confirm/Remove Team Members

Anyone who has registered to be part of your team is listed on your Manage Team page.
Click the red X to remove anyone who is not supposed to be part of your team. **This will remove them from your team, but
leave them registered for the event.
A notice is sent to everyone removed from a team, and you
can send a personal note at the same time.

If a team member registered but did not use my invite link.

Go to your Manage Team icon and include their email that they used to register and hit send the invite button. When they login to EventDog they will see a pending team invite to accept and join the team.

I need to switch Team Captain.

You can also assign Team Captain level access by clicking the gold star next to a team members name. This person can then sign in a manage the team.

Adjust Team Privacy

There are three access settings for teams. You can adjust these settings by clicking the link
below Privacy Settings on your Team Management page. The settings are:

Public – Anyone can see your team in the Select Team drop list on the registration page.

By Invitation Only – Each invitation you send out is good for one registration after
which the link will fail.

Anyone with the Link – Anyone who is forwarded a copy of the invitation link can
register. There is no limit to the number of people who can sign up for your team.

Edit Team Name

Click the pencil icon after the team name to edit your team name. Everyone who is already
registered will be updated to the new name.