3M Half Marathon pacers pace runners on Jan. 20, 2019. This blog post introduces the 2020 pacing group.

Meet the 2020 Pacing Group for the 3M Half Marathon

Get to know your 2020 pacing group You're registered. You're training. You have a goal time in mind. This is your first half marathon. You want to PR. You want to beat last year's time. Whatever your race day goals, the Twenty-Six Two Marathon…
A pair of white Under Armour shoes: the HOVR Infinites.

3 Different Under Armour Shoes To Replace Your Old Pair

Retire your current pair and replace them with these Under Armour shoes When looking for a new pair of shoes you want to make sure they’re right for your feet. The right pair of shoes can help protect your joints and muscles. We spoke with…
Image of runner tying their shoes as the sun rises. Use our blog's holiday training tips to stay on track for 3M Half Marathon.

3 Holiday Training Tips to Keep You on Track During the Holidays

Keep things moving with these 3 holiday training tips The chances of your 3M Half Marathon training plan going out of the window increase during the holidays. Maybe your family will visit and overrun your house. Perhaps you’ll travel this…
Image of female runner setting her running playlist while a male runner stretches. This 3M Half Marathon blog showcases 10 new songs for a running playlist update.

November Running Playlist Update - 10 Must-Add Songs

Refresh your tunes with this November running playlist update Often times one song (or several!) can power you through a tough time during an intense workout or a long run. That’s why we’ve created this #WeLiketheSoundofThat playlist! We…
Display of Nuun Endurance products. Read this blog to meet Nuun, the Official Hydration of the 3M Half Marathon.

Meet Nuun, the Official Hydration of the 3M Half Marathon

Runners - meet Nuun and learn how to make your water count Meet Nuun, the Official Hydration of the 2020 3M Half Marathon presented by Under Armour. Nuun Endurance will be available on race day at all aid stations. It'll hydrate thousands of…
Runner runs at night. Every runner should use these 5 safety tips now that daylight saving time has ended.

Daylight Saving Time Ends - 5 Running Tips to Keep You Safe

Running tips that can keep you safe now that daylight saving time has ended If your clocks didn’t do it automatically, then you just made every clock you own “fall back.” Whether you like it or not, daylight saving time has ended and…